30 July 2012

New Music: St. Vincent and David Byrne

"Who" makes the best complex, boundary-pushing rock/pop in the business? If we were talking about 1980, I would nominate Talking Heads. But we are talking about 2012, and I confidently put forth St. Vincent.

St. Vincent, led by frontwoman Annie Clark, create intricate and compelling songs that begin with pretty pop and rock foundations and build strange houses with creative arrangements, off-kilter funk grooves, lyrical social commentary, and the occasional distorted guitar solo. (You have to love those unsettling videos as well. Or else they will haunt your restless sleep forever.) On stage the band is locked in, and Ms. Clark's haunting stage presence and guitar freakouts sooth, unnerve, and jolt the audience through a thought-provoking, booty-shaking ride.

David Byrne, the former frontman of Talking Heads, and St. Vincent have put their idea-heavy heads together for an album, which is satisfyingly named Love This Giant. The first single, "Who", showcases the best of both of these gifted songwriters: the weird, skittery funk underpinnings and pretty pop foils of St. Vincent combined with Byrne's odd wordplay and close, uncomfortable harmonies. Download the song for free (with email submission) at their album website. If the rest of the album is anywhere near this good (and this weird), we are in for quite a treat.

Love this Giant will be released on 11 September 2012. I plan to buy a digital copy. I recommend that you do the same if you have good taste.

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