29 March 2013

The OK Guide to Cape Town: Wine

Wine Farms

·      Kleine Zalze - great wine that is also great value wine  especially the white wines. Laid-back attitude. Open late on Saturdays. Terroir restaurant is here.
·      Villiera - Gorgeous tasting area in a courtyard under oak trees. World-class sparkling wines and great, diverse overall selection.
·      Peter Falke - stunning farm with a small selection, which you can enjoy whilst lounging in the stunning atmosphere. Open until 7 every day except Monday.
·      Neil Ellis - sourcing wines from all over the Western Cape to make amazing varietals and world-class blends.
·      Vergenoegd - gorgeous Cape Dutch building and gardens that host runner ducks, good cheapies, and great expensive reds varietals.

·      Rickety Bridge - delicious wines with tasting area overlooking the vines. Do not miss the chenin blanc and semillon.
·      Solms-Delta - great wine farm that also features ethical labor practices and an edifying museum on local history. Try the sparkling Cape Jazz Shiraz.
·      La Bri Estate - very pretty small farm with our favorite Shiraz.
·      La Petite Ferme - stunningly beautiful wine farm. Incredible white wines. Book for lunch and come early for a free tasting.

Charming little town with great value, high-quality wines.
·      Groote Post
·      Ormonde
·      Darling Cellars

Hermanus / Hemel en Aarde Valley
·      Creation - incredibly beautiful view over the wine farm. The Syrah Grenache blend was one of our favorite wines in South Africa. The lunch is also famous, and the Chardonnay cheesecake is divine!
·      Newton Johnson - famous for its pinot noir, which is a regional specialty (but a tough grape in the rest of the country). Stunning location and home of Heaven restaurant.
·      Hermanuspietersfontein - famous for their Sauvignon Blancs; the reds are also amazing. Overall one of the best wine farms in South Africa. 

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